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Who is the Whiskey & Wealth Club?

Whiskey & Wealth Club has the simple premise of sharing the enjoyment and potential financial rewards of wholesale cask whiskey ownership. The company has grown to encompass bases in Dublin and London, housing a team of around 40 industry professionals.

The Club’s success quickly outgrew the outdated sales and account management tools and manual processes previously employed by the team. The team identified the urgent need for a complete system overhaul.

With a client base of over a thousand accounts and a further 75,000 prospects and leads to be monitored and reported on, Whiskey & Wealth Club knew that an excellent CRM package would be a vital component in the plan to take the business to the next level – and beyond.

The Brief

After developing and presenting a 12-month roadmap geared toward total business automation, Whiskey & Wealth Club engaged the team at STAXO to develop a bespoke e-commerce store and a core CRM system. The CRM is a central management point of client information and orders generated via the new website. 

The Process

Several custom integrations were required to reach the potential for automation wherever possible. The STAXO developers took up the challenge and delivered a system where they removed manual interventions from every client process, from sales and marketing to finance and compliance.

The team ensured that all new enquiries and leads would automatically be added to the CRM system via the Active Campaign platform for further marketing automation and remarketing campaigns. At the same time, on initial signup, the contract process was designed to be handled seamlessly and securely via a custom Docusign integration, along with the ability to log all client communications.

The most notable integration was the introduction of Credit Safe, which enabled potential and existing clients to undergo automatic due diligence, KYC and credit checks, including PEP and negative news and identity verification. STAXO developed the system to carry out detailed checks using fuzzy logic to identify and complete the relevant reviews and produce risk profiles and reports for MRLOs to flag, deposit, and identify potential risks. 

Finally, the integration of the company’s Xero accounting system allowed the authorisation and sending of invoices and payment receipts, eliminating manual entry and user errors and benefitting from significant time savings.

Built-in workflow management assists in the various stages of the sales pipeline, ensuring procedures are strictly followed and assigning accounts to the relevant team member responsible for each step.

The Result

A dedicated, bespoke CRM system has helped transform the Whiskey & Wealth Club. From automated processes and custom integrations replacing a cumbersome system of manual inputs and spreadsheets and giving the company all the tools, it needed to grow from an innovative start-up to a thriving business with an impressive turnover.

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STAXO have guided us on a journey which has changed the way we work entirely for the better. Looking back at our paper card and spreadsheet days, the team often wondered how we ever got anything done. The impact the CRM system has had on our organisational and reporting capabilities is simply astounding, and we have seen the proof of its effectiveness in our bottom line.

Whiskey & Wealth Club

April Ellis | Chief Operating Officer


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Developing my website – at the same time as managing my growing business and family – was a deeply personal process. Saying this, the whole process was made easy and enjoyable thanks to the team at STAXO, who worked with me from the start of the process to ensure the site captured and communicated my message clearly.

Melanie Campbell

Melanie Campbell | Owner & NLP Coach

The commitment they showed, and their understanding of our requirements was far superior to any other company in the panel, including large multinationals, and they were selected.


Ralph Lucas, Programme Director