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Who is The Granite House?

The Granite House is a highly sought-after granite, quartz and marble worktop manufacturer, supplier, and installer. The business has delivered bespoke surfaces and services throughout the UK since 2005 and prides itself on being the number one solution-finders to any customer or contractor’s needs. Built on dedication and passion, The Granite House provides worktops and a wealth of specialised expertise within their team to add value to their projects.

The Brief

STAXO was tasked with redeveloping the existing website into a fully optimised, responsive, and user-friendly platform. The new website called for crucial user engagement insights taking a user along the journey, selecting the appropriate premium worktop for their needs, and contacting the team experts. Therefore, strong call-to-action buttons and contact forms were essential. The UX and UI design needed to be adaptable to the growth of The Granite House and offer a visible ROI.

The Process

The STAXO web design and development team wasted no time seizing the opportunity to elevate The Granite House’s digital presence. We were determined to deliver a comprehensive digital transformation. Beyond a mere facelift, we refreshed the UI design to accommodate future growth. We also introduced an extensive materials catalogue that enables users to effortlessly explore their desired worktops, complete with useful filters for thickness, finish and price. In our pursuit of excellence, we introduced a revolutionary Worktop Finder questionnaire, designed to capture unique leads. Our team created a step-by-step form wizard that guides users in finding the worktop best suited to their needs. Additionally, we provided inspiration and invaluable tips to enhance the user experience. As part of our services, we offered videography, with three distinct video shoot days conducted in collaboration with a creative director, actors and a skilled videographer. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing a rich, engaging and multimedia experience for The Granite House and its customers. The website now empowers the in-house team to gain invaluable insights into their customer journey, giving them a bird’s-eye view for monitoring and perfecting their digital presence.

The Result

The result is a responsive and strategic website representing all that The Granite House offers. Coupled with future development and expansion capabilities, the team can now maximise customer interaction and engagement through their new website.


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Developing my website – at the same time as managing my growing business and family – was a deeply personal process. Saying this, the whole process was made easy and enjoyable thanks to the team at STAXO, who worked with me from the start of the process to ensure the site captured and communicated my message clearly.

Melanie Campbell

Melanie Campbell | Owner & NLP Coach

The commitment they showed, and their understanding of our requirements was far superior to any other company in the panel, including large multinationals, and they were selected.


Ralph Lucas, Programme Director