A unique WordPress website with a premium look and feel.

Website Design, Development, CRM, SEO


Whiskey and Wealth Club (WWC) help investors successfully & safely invest in Whiskey for long-term gains. WWC has approached STAXO as they require a new website that is more in line with their current rate of growth and their objectives for the future.

As the backend of the current WordPress website is an off-the-shelf theme the way the pages are constructed is not optimised. Multiple plugins have been used which has created a heavy, slow user experience. As a result, the current website is no longer fit for its purpose.

STAXO worked with WWC to produce a new bespoke WordPress website. The design of the new website is bespoke, elegant, premium, and unique giving the impression, feeling, and confidence that high net worth individuals need to invest large amounts of money with the company.

STAXO designed each page to drive users towards converting either by picking up the phone to discuss investments with the WWC team or by filling in a simple but targeted form that captures users’ names, email addresses, and phone numbers. This information is then saved within the website and automatically added to the company’s new CRM (also built by STAXO) to allow the lead to be assigned to a suitable Wealth Advisor.

The result will be a highly flexible, fully optimised, handmade website that will effectively support WWC as they continue to grow and scale exponentially.